So, hm, yes, hello.

Last time I started a blog, I was embarking across the Atlantic. Three years later … hello again, dear Internet. I’ve embarked on a different journey, still far from what used to be home, but everything else is very different. I’m focused less on camera angles, more on paint samples. I meet less tourists, and more spiders (sadly).

You see, realizing that:

  1. With John’s educational aspiration, we’ll be stuck in east central IL for a while, along with the knowledge that
  2. Rent is a bit high (thanks, college-town), and lastly that
  3. The federal government wanted to pay us to buy a home (and who am I to turn my nose up at $8,000?) …

We did just that. In March, 2010 John and I bought our first home. While our renovations will not be massive, there is a lot to be done to make it ours. Thus, dear Internet … here we meet again. Nice to see you. You’re looking well.


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