Slow progress, but progress none the less

I had big plans for this blog. In my mind, it would host a dramatic before/after revelation, once my to-do had become a to-done list. It would be a one-stop show-off-fest.

That was a crazy thought.

Moving and settling in is a lot more work than I expected it to be, but I’m getting used to being wrong (sometime soon I should tell you how I tried to fix our toilet with paperclips … a messy failure). Patience is not a Katie-quality and I’d like it all to be finished yesterday. Instead, I’m learning to mold this new life around the tiny chaos of having half my belongings in packed boxes, skirting around broken blinds and monster weeds and the family of spiders that has settled in our front bush. And of course, this is speaking only of the physicalities of relocation. I relocated for love (cue endearing music, thankyouverymuch), following John to this urbanite city amidst cornfields and tractors, and none of my friends would move with me (I know, right?). So, while I’m trying to carve out our home in this house, I’m also trying to find some local comrades. Lots of unpacking and searching and finding to do, still yet.

So, instead, here are my small victories. My most proud accomplishment? The death of the orange-brown walls. Here is our front room when we bought the house …

It’s our entry way from the front door, our dining room, family room, and leads to our kitchen (to the left) and the rest of the house (to the right). With the help of Momma Jeannie, it is now looking like this:

We painted the walls and repurposed the window treatments into drop cloths (sorry, Previous Owners). After a few weeks of eating off our laps, we found our favorite table on CL (oh, I could devote a whole paragraph to our table … it’s an enormous monster and I adore it). Across from it, you’ll find our family room and our entry way:

What is left to be done? The door will be painted white, the trim needs to be re-painted, and the blue armchair needs to be re-covered (it’s second on my furniture make-over list … the first project will be up here soon). At some point, we’ll have to find a way to marry all the different wood colors. The mirror will be hung. The sewing cabinet (an estate sale steal) will be cleaned up. We need a rug and curtains, and a working set of blinds. So, yes, lot’s to do, but an improvement thus far, wouldn’t you say?


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  1. MA

    I love the blue color! I can’t wait to see your house in real life!!

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