Which One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others?

So, remember how I told you our yard is a mess? That extends to the health of our frontal foliage. We have five Yew Evergreens in the front, which had been poorly neglected prior to our ownership. Here they are on Offer Day, looking all sad and sickly:

It took me about an hour to pull out a whole yard-bag worth of rotting leaves and sticks from their branches (Yeah, it was gross), and with some fertilizer sticks and heavy rain, they are starting to perk up again. The bald spot just wouldn’t do, however, so I had to find a replacement. Unfortunately, the Home Depot doesn’t sell full-grown Yew Bushes, just Baby Yews.

Betcha can’t tell which one is new!

I planted that sucker myself, despite the presence of tiny spiders (who apparently had made a home in the neighboring Yew, and were eager to check out my shovel), and even with my puny upper arm strength. Be impressed. I hate spiders.

Unrelated to Baby Yew, what the heck is this plant that grows amongst the other Yews? It popped up recently, and I’ve yet to climb in there and dig it out. Tell me it’s something important, something that I don’t have to de-weed.



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3 responses to “Which One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others?

  1. Dot

    Spiders: reason number 2 I hate yardwork, after #1: getting sweaty. You are a brave soul.

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