Meet Pasha

I’ve been dreaming and daydreaming about getting a pup of my own for an entire year. And now, with my own home, my own fenced in back yard, and my own salary (albeit humble), no adult logic could stand in my way. šŸ™‚

John and I spent last Saturday darting between dog adoptions events. I thought I knew what we wanted. And then, I met Pasha and changed my mind:

She’s a 40 pound mutt with a bit of baggage (including the fact that she was originally named after the Twilight series … ick), but I’m already in love. The virtues of rescued, older dogs aren’t expressed enough. In the past twelve hours, I’ve learned that Pasha is already crate trained, knows how to sit, walk on a leash, and enjoys Chelsea Handler, and all I’ve had to do is sit on the couch with her and feed her cookies. It’s a good life.


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