All the living things…

So, I told you my yard is a mess, but isn’t my dog lovely? We learned that she knows how to play fetch today.

Tomatoes and peppers are in the ground.

Container herbs are all planted, minus half the basil …

Which is waiting, along with the seedlings, for its future home, while the other half of the basil has moved indoors to join the oregano, and the longest-living-plant-alive (the fern, which I’ve kept alive for seven years):

(and yes, that is a mini gnome … and my grandmother’s hat-pin).


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One response to “All the living things…

  1. calla

    Wow Katie!!

    I’m super impressed with your green thumb!! I wish I had more room to do all you can do! Ill have to get some advice from you when I have my own place one day on growing veggies 🙂 I’m lookin’ forward to seeing you and John tonight and of course! Meeting Pasha!!

    PS I’m totally not sick of dog posts!! 🙂 Lol

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