Quirky Pup, Quirky Advice

As we get to know one another, Pasha’s quirks are coming to the surface. She’s not a fan of our backyard at night and likes company (and a flashlight). She chases rabbits in her sleep (moving feet, imaginary barks, she does it all). She seemingly ignores other dogs on walks, but will choose to cross the street so not to have to share her sidewalk.

While she’s crate trained, we also got her a dog bed, which she ignores in favor of the couch or the floor. We’ve tried to trick her to sit on it with strategically placed dog treats, dog toys, and a Kong filled with peanut butter. Both John and I have sat on it, thinking she might join us. So far, we’ve only succeeded in looking like fools, sitting on a dog bed covered with peanut butter goo while our dog lounges on our couch.

So, off to Google I went for wisdom, where I’m presented with this quality snippet of delight:

The dog’s sense of smell is an all-powerful motivator. […] The most important use, as far as bed training is concerned, is that she uses it to detect the “Alpha Male” or “Alpha Female” in her “pack”. Since her pack is your family, and the alpha male or female is the family member who the dog thinks of as the “boss”, your scent means a lot to her. […] Remove the bedding and rub it up against your skin. The goal here is to transfer your odor to the fabric. If you’re a bit hot and sweaty, so much the better. Don’t be afraid to really rub your scent into the fabric, your dog is going to derive great comfort from the scent.

AH HA! Clearly THAT’S what I was doing wrong! I shouldn’t just sit on the bed with the peanut-butter-goo … I need to roll around on it while I’m all smelly! Thanks Internet. You never let me down.



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2 responses to “Quirky Pup, Quirky Advice

  1. Dot

    Love all the Pasha posts!! She seems so excellent. My parents adopted John the dog when he was around 5 months (and did not look like a “puppy”), and he already knew so much. Sounds like Pasha’s even smarter!

  2. I’ll admit, I’m quite smitten with her. 🙂

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