Holy Labor, Batman!

We had an extremely busy weekend. The in-laws visited and offered free manual labor. You know what this means … before and after photos!

The front of the house on Offer Day:

Springtime, after a weekend of sweat:

Are you ready to be impressed? Here are the close ups …

We cleaned and stained the front porch, and put together a bench:

We de-weeded and tilled our front yard planters, and gave 64 red and white impatiens a new home:

And thanks to a very, very generous neighbor with an abundant garden, we dug up some plants and moved them across the street to our abode:

On top of that, we extended our vegetable garden to include room for a strawberry patch (another gift from our generous neighbor, who decided she would prefer peppers to strawberries in her garden):

We enjoyed the fruits of our labor:

We also planted 7 more ditch lillies (another neighborly gift):

and some sickly looking Black-Eyed-Susans (which I’m not sure will make it … )

What’s left to be done?
– 2 sage plants to-be-planted (another neighborly gesture)
– three mounds of dirt to clean up out of our yard
– mulch, mulch, mulch

Oh, and here’s a dose of Pasha (asleep, in the front room):


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One response to “Holy Labor, Batman!

  1. Dot

    All that dog does is sleep…and I love it!!

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