Hola Summer!

Summer to-do:

1. Re-read Harry Potter, my summer staple.

2. Go flying with my friend The Pilot.

3. Eat more tacos.

4. Make some homemade caprese salad, with the tomatoes and basil I’m so carefully cultivating.

5. Wedding planning completion.

6. Teach Pasha to do something impressive.

Here’s your dose of Pasha Love (mid-yawn):

Update of Garden War:

1. Ants are still in the backyard. We had a storm today … I’m kind of hoping they drowned. Good news? They are NOT carpenter ants, so their risk to us and our casa is minimal, other than being icky.

2. Mr. Opossum has not returned. HURRAY.

3. I identified the buggers that are killing my roses – turns out they are either rose slugs or sawfly larva … or both, if those two things are the same thing, which I think they might be … since going organic got me nothing but an ant parade last time I chose insecticide, I’m breaking out the serious chemicals. So … don’t eat my roses, when you come to visit, kay?


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One response to “Hola Summer!

  1. If it is slugs, why not try the ole beer in a small dish solution? Then they die happy!

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