with silver bells …

The garden seems to be thriving, which I’ll attribute more to the recent bout of summer storms, Miracle Grow, and our adoption of Pasha – who has encouraged a timely migration of hungry rabbits – rather than any particular skills of mine. My gardener’s philosophy is one of trial, error, and hope … I’m in a constant struggle between landscaping desires (ooo… flower patch near The-Monstrosity-That-Is-Our-Garage?! it would be beautiful … ) and nature’s requirements (turns out The Monstrosity casts a mighty shadow, and all those flowers are now nearing death). My shovel is my constant companion, as I up-root-, settle, and re-root.

Surely there’s a personal analogy in that paragraph somewhere, but I’ll leave it for another time. Here’s my Garden Update:

The Vegetables:

Clearly the tomatoes are doing well, and the peppers are muddling along – they’ve lost a few leaves to some less-than-wise rabbits (who, surely, worked off those calories quickly as they were chased by Pasha pup).

And I just spotted this baby today …

The Fruit:

If you remember, I made friends with a very generous neighbor across the street who allowed me to dig up her entire strawberry patch when she decided she’d rather harbor peppers. Surprisingly, most survived the transplant well … although you may not be able to tell. They won’t produce any more fruit this summer, but Generous Neighbor promised that they’d return with a vengeance next year.

Unfortunately, my strawberry patch uprooted a lot of dirt (you can see the edge of it to the right). Once John turned the soil, I replaced the free dirt with some more-fancy-dirt, leaving a large mound of free dirt, soil grubs, and dying grass to the right of the patch. Lovely, yes? No. Next time, we’ll have a receptacle ready for the dirt, but now I’m just tempted to throw some grass seed on it and call it landscaping.

The Seasoning

On the other side of the tomatoes lies an impromptu herb garden. Generous Neighbor also bequeathed me two large sage plants – one of which took the move better than the other. Apparently, Mr. Spider is also a fan of the tasty herb (he’s under the leaf, on the right):

I planted a patch of oreagano as well, but that’s already bit the dust, er, dirt. Luckily, I have another batch thriving in a pot near the house, so our Italian dinners will not be much threatened. Conversely, my lavender (dug up from my Boss’ house, with the purple blooms) is growing healthily, despite competing with a rogue tomato vine for space:

The Pretty Things:

Amongst the mass of dying flowers near The Monstrosity, only the Black-Eyed-Susan stalk seems to be taking its location well.

And in a similar tale of success, this moody rose bush (also from my Boss’ yard), has decided to stick around. It may not look it …

But it’s showing signs of acceptance:

More to come another time. Until then, here’s a dash of my favorite co-worker:



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  1. Dot

    Can we come over for salad in July? 🙂

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