I had nothing to do with this:

The Day-Lillies are (finally!) blooming:

These particular ones were here when we moved, although Friendly-Neighbor-Across-The-Street let me dig up a few of additional ones to line our back fence with. She warned that they spread like crazy, and I hope (hope,hope) that’s true. I love them.

The roses – another plant I inherited with the house – are also blooming and growing and blooming. Seems like the little green worms finally moved on (a hefty does of insecticide probably ushered their relocation), but I’m not sure if the bushes will fully recover this year. The farthest one, near the Lillies, is looking particularly pathetic.

This tree sprouted up this spring. My mom told me that bonus trees should never be torn out, because trees are good AND expensive, so freebies should be respected. This should explain why she has a Red Bud growing through her back fence, in case you ever wondered.

Another freebie? Grapes! A portion of our fence is chain link, and it’s been taken over by grape vines. While the plants originate on our neighbor’s yard (with whom we share the fence), property law says as long as it hangs over our boundary, it’s ours, which means that we’ll have a tiny crop of grapes come August (if they are edible, of course, is another matter).

AND here’s some Pasha love:


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