Basil Basil Basil

Baby basil moved out of my office and into our back window. She took it very well.

I’ll have to move the mother plant to join her. She’s not doing so well out in the wild.

In comparison, the other outdoor container plants seem to be thriving, with the exception of a sad house plant to the right. Originally this (growing) collection was placed near our back door, visible only from the back yard when looking towards the house. A week ago, I moved them all to live in front of our garage. I can’t say it’s done much to aid the aesthetic of The Monster, but I do enjoy seeing them all congregate together.

In a semi-related story, I planned on using some of that basil for quinoa salad today (quinoa + mandarin oranges + red bell peppers + basil + homemade citrus vingarette = delicious, yes?), and I got all the way to the defining moment, when I realized my quinoa was pink. PINK!

Dear Internet, let me share with you a lesson I learned today: a red plastic spoon that LOOKS like a red wooden spoon, but which is not, in fact, made of wood, will very likely melt in your quinoa as you stir it over medium heat, thus ruining your grain. Argh.


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