What do you think?

Our cottage came with an abundance of storage space – a basement, the Monster garage, AND a garden shed. We have no current plans of becoming hoarders, so the majority of the space lies empty (save for spiders and other creepy-crawly-gross-things). And here lies the dilemma:

Should we tear out the garden shed, or assume that extra storage always = more value for future buyers?

We’d appreciate freeing up some more of our backyard, but the labor involved gives us pause. You see, there’s a forest of weeds and the remnants of an old compost pile stuffed back there (thanks, Previous Owners) which we’d have to deal with once the shed departed, and that doesn’t sound like a fun summer-time activity. (Unless you disagree, and in that case, you should come visit). And more importantly, which is a bigger added-value – an 8 x 10 garden shed, or a nicer back yard?

I vote for tearing it out, but John’s reasoning is that potential buyers may need a place to store dead bodies things, and since it’s in good shape, we lose nothing by leaving it there. What do you think, dear Internet?



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3 responses to “What do you think?

  1. Dot

    Leave it. You never know when you’re going to receive FIFTEEN SETS OF TOWELS as wedding gifts, and will need a place to store them.

  2. Dot

    Jake also says: “This is my official opinion: keep the shed to store your own stuff, thus preserving room for parking in the garage. John, if you want your wife to love you, make sure she has a place to park her car in the winter. Avoid filling up the garage AT ALL COSTS.”

  3. Bahahaha! Thanks for the input. I guess I should have mentioned – I refer to the garage as a Monster because it is a 4-car garage (2 wide, 2 deep), so storage (+ spiders) are crazily abundant. Unless, of course, we turn the garage into a mother-in-law suite as per family suggestions … (notgonnahappen).

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