and the plant begot another plant

My greenery obession knows no bounds. When I read on Re-Nest how easy it was to take cuttings, I took to the backyard with scissors. Yes, it did happen to be 11 PM. I’m that obsessed dedicated.

There are two ways to do it – with rooting solution, or with water. It was 11 PM, so I went with good ole’ H20. It’s super easy: Find a plant (herbs work well, trees – not so much), and take a cutting right after a node (which is where the leaves branch out from). Pluck off the leaves on the lower bit of the stem, including on the node, leaving only a few leaves at the top. Place in water. Wait for roots – they will form out of the node.¬†

I find that shot glasses are great little vases for cuttings – which is nice, since I don’t get to pull out my House of Reps shot glass enough. Long live democracy!

After about a week, you should see roots forming (although it varies by plant):

I took cuttings of mint, oregano, and my mystery-Walmart-succulent. Sadly, the oregano slipped into the water during the holiday weekend, and had to be thrown out, but the mint took to the water splendidly. The succulent is just now creating new roots (they are the white spots on the node).

You might notice that the mint has a black leaf, which is bad. But don’t lose hope! Snip off the offending leaf as soon as possible, and ensure that none of the other leaves are touching the water, which can encourage rotting. So long as its contained, and you have a few good leaves left for photosynthesis-magic, your baby shouldn’t be too endangered. I have since tended to the baby mint, and it’s doing just fine.

The Green Onion Experiment is a total success, by the way. Martha’s onions have already been used (tuna croquettes and mashed potatoes, yum!), but the water jar trick works just as effectively for store-bought greens. Just remember to switch out the water every few days, and your fresh supply should last a while.


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