Suicidal Tomatoes and Other Tales From My Garden

Last week, one of my tomato plants tried to kill itself. Rude, right? After all the time I’ve spent tying its branches and feeding it chemicals and spraying it down with the hose – trying to help it EXIST, and then the ungrateful vegetation goes and pulls itself out of the ground. Humph.

So it’s summer time, and the dirt was dry, and then we got rain! Yay free water! But … no, too much rain! And apparently the weight of my beautiful, healthy tomato plant became too much for my $2.99 Home Depot Tomato Cage that was essentially entrenched in mud … and down it went. I don’t have any photos because I was too busy panicking.

I love my tomatoes, ok?

In the end, with some help from Corrine (visiting from home), we got the plant upright again, and I think it will survive – and it better, since I’m finally seeing these:

Other than being too big for their own good, the tomatoes are thriving. See how large the plants are now, compared to when they were itty, bitty baby plants?

Babies:All grown up:

Crazy tomatoes. They’ve gotten so large that they crowded out the thyme and lavender, which I transplanted last weekend to live on the other side of the fence. My container oregano had also gone overboard, so I cut that plant in half and put a portion in the ground. This new herb garden is in need of mulch, but it’s not too bad for being free:

We had our first harvest last week, but the results have already been digested. Don’t worry though – here’s this weeks’ haul. Lovely, right? Who wants fajitas?


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