A slow transformation, or trying to choose a map

Our bedroom has a long road ahead of itself before it will be seen here as a “before and after”. When we were handed the keys to the casa, the master bedroom looked like this:

and this:

(oh yes, those are lizard handles)

and this:

(thats pre-homeowner Katie, politely judging the color scheme)

Seeing as the previous homeowners are perfectly nice people, surely the only reason for this color scheme is undiagnosed color blindness. Or a deep love of Chiptole’s interior decor.

We had custody of the house for four days before the moving trucks came, and in that time, we exchanged the red and yellow for dove grey and white. A short time after, we splurged on new drawer pulls. We have yet to replace the green blinds, but its on our list. Still, we have a ways to go before it’s ready for your judgement, dear Internet. Which brings me to this …

Living with a boy means that suddenly you have to consider someone else’s aesthetic. With John’s eyes in mind, I looking for a vintage map to hang over our bed. I was inspired by a new favorite blog –  Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business. Those ladies had a lovely pillow tutorial posted, but it was the background art that caught my eye:

(photo credit)

Fantastic, right? I love how they divided it up with vintage photo corners. So now I’m on the hunt for a vintage map. Thank goodness for the creation of Etsy, as I already have my finger on a few. I’m torn between a larger map to slice up ala Eighteenth Century…

(found here)

(found here)

Or two small maps to place side by side. A his and hers, if you will …

(found here)

(found here)

There are so many to choose from – I’m having a hard time deciding! Thoughts?



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2 responses to “A slow transformation, or trying to choose a map

  1. Dot

    I say go for the big map.

    Also, I LOVE the Craigslist art! Have been wanting one for a while now.

    Also also, do you still have your lizard drawer pulls, and if so, can I have them? I love a little weird.

  2. Oh, the “romantic” red gone wrong…so sad.

    I love all of those maps. I love maps in general. When we were dating, Tony (eek!) bought me a giant vintage map of the world. Unfortunately I’m not sure where it is now (maybe in my parent’s attic?) because it was beautiful and amazing and I’d like it to decorate when I move out of my parent’s house (again) someday.

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