Awkward Craigslist Encounter #1

John and I never did a thorough purge before we moved, instead opting to throw the we-don’t-need-it items into a huge box in our basement. After three stubbed toes, courtesy of the box-o-crap, I figured it was time to Craig’s-List some of its treasures. As a result, I’m having a lot of memorable encounters with strangers.

Take, for instance, the Rude Church Lady (RCL) who bought John’s old TV-with-VCR-attached-a’la-1994 and a DVD player. I answer the door, go through the specs, prove the TV works with an old VHS tape. Oh, super, super. Now – how does the DVD player hook up? Hm, I have no idea – hold on, let me call my fiance … RCL, all polite: “Oh, no need – I can just call you later for directions” Me: “Oh really, it’s no trouble. Hey, JOHN! JOOOOOOOOOHN!” As John emerges from the basement, RCL suddenly becomes flustered and leans over to me in a hushed tone: “I didn’t realize he was here. I thought you were going to call him.” Um … what? No, he was just in the basement. Our encounter gets progressively colder, and she decides to take it. As John loads it into her car, she goes “So, when’s the “date”?” John: “October.” RCL with a scowel: “You know, weddings are so much more … different today” and then she jumped in her car and sped off (to Righteous Land, I suppose).

Poor lady – that’s the problem with the internet. Just when you think you’re buying an ancient TV for mega cheap, you’re actually engaging in commerce with co-habitators!! She probably first realized that something was unsavory when I pulled out Hocus Pocus as the test VHS …



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2 responses to “Awkward Craigslist Encounter #1

  1. Dirty co habitator, how dare you?

    No but really, I only STAY up here (in Iowa) with David for a week or a weekend at a time, and we get dirty stares from people at his church. Not everyone, but a few. It’s quite…interesting.

    “So where are you staying?” “Oh, I stay with David.” “Oh.” *Awkward pause* “Well, see you later!” *Moving on with our lives.*

  2. calla

    haha sorry I couldnt help but laugh, if anyone else gives you trouble tell them to come talk to me *stretches hands outward and cracks knuckles*
    But seriously, Hocus Pocus is one of my faves 🙂 Lookin’ forward to antiquing next week!

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