Our new-found houseguests

I know that spiders are “good” bugs, but seriously- I feel like we’re running an arachnid hotel. I found three in our basement yesterday and I woke up to find another chilling out next to my toothbrush this morning. It’s like we’re living in Arachnophobia, without John Goodman and all that death (sidenote: have you seen this film? Growing up, it was my brother’s favorite movie and it terrified me as a kid – imagine my surprise when I realized recently that it’s actually a comedy).

John’s a willing bug-killer, but even he was a bit overcome when we found this monster who lives outside our kitchen window:

My spider friend, eating some breakfast.

The picture is enlarged, but he’s really about the size of my thumb. Ew.

Dear spiders: I don’t mind sharing the basement with you, especially if you eat the grosser bugs. But please, stay out of sight – ok? And leave my toothbrush alone!


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