Would Anyone Like Some Grape Tomatoes?

This is two days’ harvest. There are hundreds more left on the vine, and a few more scattered across the yard. We learned yesterday if you throw them, Pasha mistakes them for balls and plays with them until they turn to ketchup.



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3 responses to “Would Anyone Like Some Grape Tomatoes?

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I wish I were there right now so I could sample some of those. I could eat at least a quarter of the bowl!!!! I cannot believe how many you harvested in just 2 days. Yay for successful veggie growing. 🙂

    Gute arbeit, Katja. Ich vermiss dich sehr. 🙂

  2. OH. My. Goodness! Gute arbeit, Cotty! Ich vermiss dich sehr in Deutschland. Ich wuensche dass meine beste Freundin war hier mit mir. Aber, es ist okay.

    🙂 Looks like you’re enjoying yourself in IL. Glad you liked the room! I turned out beautiful. Good paint choice, darling.

  3. You’ve been in Deutschland for a few days and your german is already wonderful! Du bist sehr intelligent, meine beste freudin! Ich wunsche dass meine beste freundin die beste Zeit nach Deustchland haben.

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