My Office: Before and After

One of my closest (closest, closest) friends, Corrine, left this weekend for a year of adventure in Germany. She was one of a select few Americans chosen to be mini-ambassadors to Germany through a Congressional program, and I am oh-so excited to hear about all her adventures there. I think both of our hearts broke a little when we realized that this opportunity overlapped with certain-October-festivities, but that’s exactly what wedding photography and videography (and a live Skype feed, perhaps) are for (love you RenRen)! Hurray technology!

As a early wedding present, Corrine came to visit our Haus for a few days and transformed my office. This room was in a sad state – it was the only room in the house that was not remodeled by the previous owner … which was obvious. The ceiling was cracked and dingy, there were holes in the plaster, and a hideous shelf was installed too high to be useful …

The room itself is kind of an oddity. It has a blurry-glass window that looks over our back room, and two doors leading to the kitchen and the hallway. It was billed as a bedroom, but I’m not sure the half cabinet, although deep, truly qualifies as a closet.

Since I work from home, I’m in here constantly and the blue-green walls were really starting to close in. Thank goodness for meine beste fruendin, who has the ability to transform painting from a chore to a (messy) dance party.

I chose a darker blue, and we painted the trim, closet, doors, and ceiling a bright white. The pictures don’t do the room justice – it’s an incredible change.

The Big Picture:

I still need to install the last piece of window trim, but other than that, this room is complete.

The Details:

I’m a big fan of Quentin Blake. A few of his prints are scattered throughout the house, but my favorites – a drunk bird, and my signed Cambridge Union lecture book (where I heard him speak and then got to have dinner with him) – are next to my desk. The pen holder is a glass Nutella jar that I brought home from Germany when I was 17.

I finally rescued my degree from the basement, and found a home for old family photos. That’s my grandmother’s baby photo, circa early 1900s, my grandparent’s wedding photo and my mom’s baby photos. The clown is a mounted paper puppet, another souvenir from my first trip to Germany.

You can grow plants in tea cups. The baby mint, in the closest cup, comes from the cutting I did earlier this summer.

I’m hoping the mirror will reflect the light from the fake-window. The Lebkuchen Heart, near the door, was a gift from John when we were in Munich. It makes an appearance in my favorite blurry Euro photo … 

but I digress.

Big change, right? All thanks to Corriney. Thank you, dear friend!



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2 responses to “My Office: Before and After

  1. Morgan

    Oh my goodness, Katie. This room is so pretty!

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