How I’m Covering My Walls … or rather, where I find art

Decorating our cottage has been more challenging than I imagined. College posters no longer cut it, and real art is likely above my head … and my price range. This all means that we have many-an-empty-wall as I wait to fill them, hoping to stumble across something fantastic that I can afford and frame. Luckily, I’ve had a bit of luck recently …

Happy birthday to me! This stationary set went on sale at Rifle Paper Co. last week and I scooped it up. I’ll frame a set of four, and covet the extras for extra-special mailings. And since I was already paying for shipping, I went ahead and bought this singular card to frame as well:

I’m a big fan of botanical charts, and this should satisfy my lust until I can afford something a bit larger. (Get a matching one here).

Another thing I love is Scherenschnitte – also known as paper cutting. I came across this piece at an estate sale earlier this year for less than a $1, frame and all (I know, crazy):

And recently found this commerical piece in – of all places – the greeting card aisle of Target. I L-O-V-E the folksy look of it, although I might slice the “Engaged” header off the top … I think the message is clear without it.

Upon review, this post should probably be named “How Katie Decorates Her House with Stationary and Dead People’s Things” … but we already knew this to be true.



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2 responses to “How I’m Covering My Walls … or rather, where I find art

  1. I loved that you included a CRAZY German word in this post. I knew it was an effort to connect to your long-lost love in Germany. The word was “Scherenschnitte”, btw. As soon as I read it, I started going through my vocab-filled head in an attempt to figure out the meaning ….then I read the next few words and felt dumb for wasting such brain power.

    PS I loved the ending. “How Katie Decorates Her House with Stationary and Dead People’s Things.” You’re too funny, Ma’am. Miss you!

  2. Dot

    Where you err on the side of botanical, all my art-lusts are for furry animals.

    I have these notecards framed in my living room:

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