another on-going project: the bathroom

Our one-and-only bathroom, showcased as a “Before” over at Apartment Therapy  prior to moving day, is on it’s way to becoming an “After”.

If I had a zillion dollars, it would be a different project, but my meager pockets mean I’m focusing more on paint hues and less on jacuzzi tubs. Shame.

We painted the yellow walls white, to only realize that our seemingly-white tiles are actually cream. Urgh, not a contrast I approve of. We then picked a coordinating blue would replace the white walls that replaced the yellow walls, and bought ourselves a(nother) can of paint. That happened two months ago. It just went on the wall this weekend.

Pictures to come when the whole project is complete, in part because I like big reveals and also because I’m hoping that a new shower curtain + new towels + artwork + new paint will make me love it more and thus ready to share it with all of you, dear Internet. The blue walls are an improvement, it’s just … not a dream bathroom. (No, my dream bathroom would have matching one-color tiles, 1 large towel rack instead of three, and a jacuzzi tub).

Point is, I’m on the hunt for art for the commode. Here are a few contenders …

get a matching one here

wanna be twins? go here

but this might be a favorite …


I want to pair it with this:

get it here

What do you think, friends?


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One response to “another on-going project: the bathroom

  1. Dot

    LOVE the third one! Can’t wait to see the bathroom after-shots!

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