For the Naked Shower

Obviously, I’m talking about shower curtains.

OneKingsLane, my favorite 11 AM email distraction, is featuring Izola shower curtains in their sample sale today. I’m not a big fan of novelty bathroom decor, but I will admit that I’m lusting a bit after these:

And at $15 each … that’s a steal. They’re not the right fit for our casa’s commode, but maybe they’d work for yours?

Semi-related: If you want to join One King’s Lane, let me know. I can send you a referral invite, and you’ll get a free $10 credit to your account (but the offer is only good until Thursday).



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3 responses to “For the Naked Shower

  1. Dot

    One Kings Lane? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Shower curtains can happen in my inbox every morning at 11??

  2. Not just shower curtains! All types of home-goodness. I’ll send you a referral email. 🙂

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