I know you were dying to know about the ants …

So I’ll tell you.

We had a big storm this past weekend, and on Saturday, on my way out the door, I realized that our window sill was moving. And black.

Our window sills are usually white. And stationary.

So I screamed, and John came running, and all of a sudden we have to become adults and figure out how to protect our house that was under siege. SIEGE, I tell you. Those buggers are ruthless. They were trying to eat the dog’s food! THEY WANTED PASHA TO STARVE.


Naturally, we turned to man’s (other) best friend … tools (hurray evolution).

Armed with tape and a vacuum, John picked up the live ones while I covered the entrance points. Soon, everything looked normal again, minus the fact that our window was covered in tape. Small details. THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED.


We came home to find the stream had restarted – less volume, but still constant. Eegh … Apparently our yard is infected with genius ants that can eat through masking tape or something. Maybe they were friends with the lady bugs that broke our air conditioner. MAYBE ALL OF NATURE IS OUT TO GET ME. Must be the truth.

So … off to Home Depot, where I know every sales person by name. I picked the only insecticide that I recognized from commercials.

Bonus: it’s warning panels promised it wouldn’t kill my dog. Once dry, it’s safe for pets to be around, which is a necessity in our household, since Pasha basically owns the house.

And then we went a little crazy. John sprayed the outside of the house, I sprayed the inside. Dear Internet – I would not lie. This stuff works fighteningly well. Screw that organic crap we sprayed around the house in May … this is my new favorite weapon.

We woke up Sunday to find lots of little ant bodies … and a dead moth. And because a blog requires pictures, here’s 1/3 of the carnage. All the black dots = dead ants.




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3 responses to “I know you were dying to know about the ants …

  1. gross yet informative.. what a perfect combo.

  2. Hilarious this post is.

    German funky word order has inspired me. Obviously. 🙂

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