Stories I Meant to Tell You, but Forgot

John broke our lawnmower. He plans on fixing it. Until then … our yard is reverting back to nature:

Good thing we have a privacy fence, or I imagine our neighbors would be a little bit more peeved. On the bright side, it adds another challenge to Pasha’s rabbit hunts.

Also, I’m apparently a very good tomato farmer. So good, in fact, that I raise giant King-Kong tomato plants that become so strong that they break their cages and cannot be contained.  This would be a good thing, except it’s not – tomato plants are locked in tomato cages so that the fruit won’t land on the ground and rot … and now my fruit is rotting and the remaining blossoms aren’t blooming. The plant needed to be lifted back up and for two evenings, I worked a myriad of twine through our fence and through the vines, thinking that the cat’s cradle would provide enough support … nope, big fail. I didn’t find one solution though …

Yep … that’s a chair, weighted down with grass seed. I needed something sturdy to tie the plants to … and that was all I could come up with. Add that to our jungle grass, and we can’t have people over until everything dies.



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2 responses to “Stories I Meant to Tell You, but Forgot

  1. Dot

    I woke up this morning thinking about those tomatoes we ate at your house, for some reason.

    I think it’s a sign you should ship some to me (with some basil, plz).

  2. This looks like my parent’s backyard (which is no longer my backyard as of last week…weird). Big dogs in lots of grass. Except they’ve run most of it off, and it’s more like big dogs in lots of islands of grass.

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