Three weeks ago, my car died in my driveway. AAA was able to fix it, but there was one major causality – my tape deck, meaning I could no longer use my iPod in my car, meaning I had to rely on the local-radio stations-I-have-yet-to-learn for car entertainment, meaning John would regularly borrow my car and then come in the house and be all, “WHY are you listening to [insert bad music here]” and I’m all, “shrug?”.

So, facing a long car trip in the near future, I realized I needed to buy a new iPod adapter or I’d be facing seven hours of rural talk radio, which loses its luster after the first 25 minutes. Apparently though with a dead tape deck the only option I had, minus a new radio system, was a $70 FM transmitter that the Best Buy Guy goes, “Oh, that’s a bit annoying … but it’s fine” and I”m all, “$70 for FINE? Oh heck no – what would a new radio cost?” and he’s all “Hm, let’s see!” and naively I followed him and before I know it I’m buying a $300 radio system, and the adult inside of me is all, “Katie, you probably shouldn’t have bought that” but the irresponsible side of me is hushing her because the new system is so intoxicating- I mean, I’m basically driving a space ship now. I can answer the phone THROUGH THE RADIO and have pre-sets for three cities and my ipod plugs right in like a little technological match-made-in-heaven.

The funniest thing is that the guy was showing me all these radios and I’m all … “Um, let me call my mom – I’m having a hard time deciding” because I knew that I was being pulled in by it all and I was ready for her to be like, “Um, do you NEED your radio to be able to stream music from your iPhone? Katie, you don’t have an iPhone!” but instead she was like, “That sounds so neat! Buy it!” and then I did and I feel a bit guilty but mostly I like it.

And here’s a picture of my dog expressing severe separation anxiety. Laying on the floor wasn’t cutting it, so the 40-pounder climbed in the chair with me and decided to hang out while I worked. I’m not making that up.


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