please send chicken soup

Ever have an ear infection manifest itself as a tooth ache? And then wake you up at 4 AM? And after you search for painkillers, you return to bed to realize that the dog took your absence as the perfect opportunity to move up in the world and STEAL your place in bed?

Rough morning.



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2 responses to “please send chicken soup

  1. awww…feel better, Beste Freundin! Good luck w all of that pain. I’d send Chicken Noodle to you IF it didn’t cost 4.50 euros/can at the local Lebensmittel Geschaeft. LOL. (And, you can’t eat it bc you’re a “Gluten-Freer”), so I’m just gonna say GET WELL SOON instead. 🙂 Miss you

  2. Dot

    Ouch. Hope you start feeling better soon.

    This bed stealing thing is the number 2 reason why we’re putting Moses in a crate at night. (The number 1 reason being his little alligator teeth.)

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