finally, a home for all those vases

I’ve been collecting milk glass for over a year – it’s incredibly satisfying, because it’s just common enough to stumble across on a semi-regular basis, just cheap enough that a splurge isn’t a splurge (my best find was $.10), but it’s still something you have to find.

Since moving here, this collection has rotated from tabletop to tabletop. Now it resides on my new old shelf, which I plucked off the wall at Urban Mining in Kansas City. It’s now hung in our guest room (newly painted!), in a way that everyone can still admire them when all the hallway doors are open.

Which reminds me … the guest room is almost ready for a before/after  (!!) … but we have one more piece of furniture to move, and a closet-door dilemma to solve (which is the lack of closet doors … previous-owners left a spare pair in the basement, which I, single-handedly with my wedding-workout-strength, luged up from the basement, only to find that they don’t fit the closet, which begs the question … where did these closet doors come from?!). So be patient, dear Internet.



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2 responses to “finally, a home for all those vases

  1. Morgan

    the shelf looks SOOO cute!

  2. 1. I love milk glass. My mom collects the grape vine pattern, and I did not realize how awesome it is until I began antiquing.

    2. I made a lamp out of milk glass dishes; have you seen it?

    3. You should also make a lamp.

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