guess how much it costs to have an opossum legally removed from your yard?

$130. And then they kill it – it doesn’t even cover a fair relocation.

As you can probably assume, the opposum is back. A couple of nights ago, we were all outside when something caught the Pup’s eye … and there, nestled between our grape vines and our fence, was the culprit. THIS time, we got Pasha inside before she could try and take another chomp out of it, and we thought, “Surely, he’ll move on …”


Yesterday, John and I were enjoying our Sunday afternoon when I happened to glance out our back windows to notice Mr. Opossum climbing out from a hole underneath our backyard shed. Which means NOT ONLY did the Opossum NOT move along … HE MOVED IN. (This we knew because that hole used to be occupied by a family of rabbits, which Pasha gleefully chased until the babies all grew up).

I called Animal Control, and they will only deal with an animal once it’s in your house … and I wasn’t quite ready for Pasha to bring it indoors. So I called a private company, and they told me that they’d remove it and kill it for $130. Well, newsflash: if I’m paying you $130, I expect you to relocate the animal and make sure it has a happy life gallivanting in a park somewhere, because I have a dog that will willingly kill it for free, and the whole point of this exercise is to avoid carnage. I told them that, they weren’t all that responsive.

For now, we’re choosing to ignore the problem, in hopes that the bugger’s natural instincts will kick in and suggest it move 50 feet to the right to settle in our neighbor’s empty lot that is human AND Pasha-free. Until it does, I can imagine what Pasha will be dreaming of in the meantime.


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