To-Do List

– Get car repair quote to fix the scratch left by the lovely family I babysit for (not sarcastic, at least they were honest, admitted it, and are footing the bill, but can I say that car repairs in a one-car-family-that-we-currently-are are much more frustrating?!)

– Learn how to replace a toliet flapper (my life is glamorous)

– Buy toliet flapper (oh so glamorous)

– Return three missed calls (sorry friend, friend, Dad)

– Figure out how to tackle our wild, wild yard with our lawn mower still broken and company visiting soon (this is really John’s domain)

– Loaf around (really more a dream than a to-do).

– Trap the possum, take a picture for you, Dear Internet, and set it free to live a much happier life than being terrorized by my dog

AND here’s a dosh of Pasha being adorable … seeing as she has claimed my office armchair, I’m going to have to learn to re-upholster at some point.


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