live vicariously through me as a home-owner and watch as I try and fail to fix things

Looks like we’ll be getting a new toilet. Old toilet had a leak, I (unsuccessfully) tried to fix it myself, realized that I’m not a plumber, called a plumber, he (unsuccessfully) tried to fix it, got an ego boost (HOLLA Mr. Plumber – you couldn’t fix it EITHER), and then deflated when he’s all, “Lady, you should replace this WHOOOOOOOOOLE THING. Here’s a quote” Wah wah wah … fingers crossed that our Home Warranty isn’t the disaster that everyone says it is and will cover the cost. Until then, it’s totally functional, while concurrently draining expensive water from my county’s water source.

Good news: NO possum spotting last night. Could this mean … ?

Impressive news: Um, still finding dead ants – Home Defense is crazy effective.


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