The Amish are Building A House Next Door, and other updates from my life on the prairie

Our new neighbors finally broke ground for their Passive House, and all (?) the materials were delivered yesterday. Looks like the house will be made out of styrofoam.

They also set the layout, and the house just might be backing straight up to our fence, meaning if they install some windows, I might have to rethink my taking-Pasha-out-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning outfit, which generally consist of my pajamas, and is sometimes lacking in pants.

Also, RIP Peach Front Door. You didn’t make sense when the room was orange, and you didn’t make sense once we turned it blue. I’d say we’ll miss you, but that’d be a lie:



Yes, this means I finally started to finish painting the front room … 5 months after we started the process. I spent last weekend putting a fresh coat of white paint on all the trim, painting the front door (and the peach put up a fight – it took 5 coats of Behr Paint and Primer to get it gone), and touching up the walls. I still have about 5 feet of trim left, but it’s done enough to celebrate with you, dear Internet!

ALSO, it’s time for …

Garage Find Steal!

Remember that artwork I got for $20 a few weeks ago? We finally hung them up. The pictures don’t do them justice (the colors are more vibrant, and they lack the sun-reflecting-glare in real life) – they are quite lovely and turned out to be signed (screen-?) prints. One of the frames was missing glass, but Lowes replaced it for $4.50, meaning the pair cost less than $25. I love them.


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