Craig’s List Steal

We won’t live in this house forever, so we’re trying to make decisions that make sense, stylistically and financially. One of my (secret) goals is to improve the landscaping before we move along – I’ve read it’s one of the easiest ways to increase a home’s resale value. Plus, it’s a “chore” that I enjoy (minus the bugs, but I’m getting better!).

Through Craig’s List (LOVE Craig’s List), I met someone who is trying to re-vamp her garden, and needs someone to take some beautifully mature plants off her hands for her … for free. I’m taking a risk by planting this late, so cross your fingers that we stay above freezing for another week so I can get them safely in the ground!

I made my first dig-and-run trip last night, and as I arrived at the house, I started to worry – have you ever heard those stories about how people mis-use Craig’s List to get back at their neighbors? As I was knee-deep in dirt, digging up some plants in this stranger’s front yard, my paranoia got the best of me  – what if the CL lady didn’t really live here? And our email correspondence was just a ploy in some suburban war? And how effective is Neighborhood Watch?

The woman told me she was working late, but I rang the door anyway. No answer. So then I go back to digging, banking on my charm and saved emails to keep me out of jail, should the situation progress. And then I notice some kids in the backyard, and I think, “HEY! I CAN ASK THEM!”. So like a creeper, I approach these 8 years olds and I’m all, “Um, I’m not stealing your garden, right? Deanna said I could dig these up … ? She lives here, right … ?”

The look on the kids’ faces told me I was a textbook Stranger Danger scenario. Oh geez.

So then the neighbor comes out, and with him, I’m able to confirm that I am at the right house, and he didn’t have any problem with me digging up her yard. His exact words, “Well, Deanna is a state police officer, so I figured you either had permission or you were making a big mistake.” Yep, yep.

So that’s my project for the rest of the week – dig, transport, plant, insulate, pray that they survive the fall and winter.

This story is low on visualizations, so here’s my adorable dog, doing something adorable:


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