a new saga? the story of the visiting cats

Well, we already knew that our backyard is the (apparent) hunting ground of Mystery Cat, Opposum-Killer. Now she’s inviting her friends. Pasha was in a tizzy at 1:30 AM and roused me out of bed. I flick on the backyard light and, Oh, hello Monster Kitty. Huge, black and white, and sniffing my plants. Once the light was on, she scurried behind the garage. I’ve never seen that big of a cat, honest to goodness. I fear it may have been scouting for a birthing location – it looked a bit prego, and we all know that my huge, empty, 4-car monstrosity would easily fit a whole family of felines.

Prior to the cat discovery, I spent the evening digging up Craig’s List Lady’s mature rose bushes. Before you transplant a rose bush, the internet advises that you cut the branches down fairly low – which is a blessing, as any other way those things would not have made it into the Neon. I saved as many of the blooms as I could, and now our house looks like the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine … if you ignore our mid-week clutter, naturally.



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2 responses to “a new saga? the story of the visiting cats

  1. Dot

    I can predict your next post:

    Back to Craigslist again, this time with free kittens.

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