Look who I found! Secrets from the Mini Moon

John and I took a mini-moon to Grafton, IL right after the wedding (to see the convergence of the mighty rivers, of course! and some other things…). To accommodate our work, campaign and school schedules, we pushed the real honeymoon to January. Considering that it was a brisk 34 degrees this morning when we awoke, we are already anxious to leave!

ANYWAY, in addition to some breathtaking views:

the newlyweds! hurray!

the view from our cabin … I know, right?!

And a visit to the Piasa bird …

We stumbled into an antique/thrift shop (naturally) where I discovered …

Papa Pitcher!

What a (creepy) beauty! Look familiar? That’s because I have all his friends sitting on our wall at home … 

Sadly, I passed up the purchase (no shelf space!) – and now I’m feeling a bit regretful. Le sigh.

By the way, still loving the married life. Seriously – it’s the best.


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One response to “Look who I found! Secrets from the Mini Moon

  1. Dot

    So jealous of what looks like a lovely getaway–sad you didn’t buy creepy grandpa mug, though!!

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