thoughts on paint color?

Believe it or not, I only have one more interior paint color to choose before Painting-Fest-2010 is finished. Last weekend, I finally finished the front room’s trim (huzzah! pictures to come, I’m so behind on B/A). Then I decided to paint our green kitchen white on a whim (currently LOVING it, but I have some more coats to go before it’s complete).  Our last hallway will also get another coat of white, but our back room …

is in need of some (subtle) color. Here are the top contenders:

Moondance (Olympic)

Sterling (Behr)


I chose cooler, subtle colors because the room is smaller and we use it a lot, so I didn’t want anything overpowering. The majority of our house is in grays and blues too, so I’m working within a theme.  I’ll give the trim a new coat too, in Behr’s Bright White (it goes with everything). Our couch is beige. Thoughts? Suggestions for a different color?


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