for the kitchen …

The kitchen was green, I’m painting it white. After two weekends, I’m now four-coats in and somewhat-wishing I used a stronger primer (instead of my fave standby, Behr 2 in 1) as the green paint will not die. As a result, the kitchen is kind of a blotchy sea-storm color, and I may be painting forever.

(Do you like our slug-shaped light fixtures? It’s like we live on a space ship).

The color change has been a bit of controversy in the house because the green was a nice green.

But oh, those countertops. I really despise them. Since paint is cheaper than new countertops, we went that route, in hopes of playing down their green-ness. It’s kind of working (but I still want new countertops).

The kitchen already feels brighter and bigger, and I’m excited to find some artwork to liven it up a bit. My current favorite contenders (sitting patiently in my etsy shopping cart):

Sweet Fine Day



And perhaps some new tea towels?

all from ohlittlerabbit

And just wait, dear internet – something big is already underway …



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4 responses to “for the kitchen …

  1. Love all those prints/decor for your kitchen! I’m a BIG fan of this one -

  2. Dot

    Ah! Kitchen art! And you’re killing me with your sneakiness…both here and facebook.

    PS, love the hyphenated name change. I wish I could do that, but Dannenberg-Williams is just too much. 😦 If only we could just be the Williamsbergs.

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