early morning conundrum

I subscribe to my own blog through Google Reader, I’m not sure why, but I do, and that’s not really the point of this note. The point is that when I click on it the blog in Reader the title always reads “Wait, and Accumulate” >> “For the Naked Shower” and I’m wondering if all of my blog-Reader-subscribers also see this title? And if they (you) do, do they (you) ever wonder what people must think they’re (you’re) reading when you’re perusing my musings and someone steals a glance at the blog over your shoulder? And how do I fix it?



Filed under General Musings, I don't understand the interwebs

5 responses to “early morning conundrum

  1. Hey friend! you may have subscribed to that post, not your blog. I would unsubscribe and then just enter your blog address. I google reader your blog and it doesn’t do that 🙂

    I also subscribe to my blog too, no shame!


  2. I also subscribe to my blog… 🙂 and yours shows up normal in my reader too. 🙂 I’d try what Mary Ann said — Or just keep it because I would giggle every time! haha

  3. ha, that’s funny. but no, I just get the blog title on Google Reader…

    And I subscribe to my blogs too! ha

  4. I too subscribe to my blog. And I do not see anything about naked showers aroud your blog title. Just pure awesome.

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