I spent last weekend antiquing with Momma J (now you know where I inherited it from)

Our search was incredibily successful. I found another pair of cups-with-faces (completing a set):

I also found another member of the lower curmudgeons (a cookie jar!), but it’s price was prohibitive to purchasing. Now that I know the elderly foursome are part of a larger clan, I’m dying for more information on them.

I’m searching for a mid-century modern dresser, so we swung by the Champaign ReStore in hopes of getting lucky. While they were low on dressers, I was able to add to my milk glass collection.

This find became extra sweet when I found the same pitcher listed for 5x the price at the next antique store we visited (granted, it came with 6 matching glasses … but still).

And while I was searching for milk glass, my mom surprised me with this tiny purchase:

Pretty tea-cup, you think, but why so interesting?

“Made in occupied-Japan”

A good time to find it too, since I finally have somewhere to put it. I’ve been hiding something from you, dear Internet – I’ll admit it. A few weeks before the wedding, I drove to St. Louis to pick up a rather large wedding gift from my mother …

Nothing says “You’re a wife” quite like a china cabinet – in a good way, of course.


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