the ugly truth about furniture

I’d like to fancy myself someone who can buy a $30 dresser off Craig’s List, spend a Saturday painting/staining/doing-magic to it and have it turn out like one of those beautiful before/afters on Design Sponge. But I’m going to tell it to you straight, Internet, that stuff is hard work. And it comes down to the fact that, 8 months into this experiment-called-filling-a-house-with-stuff-that-is-not-ugly, I’m just ready to put my clothes in something that is 1. Not plastic and 2. Does-not-rely-so-much-on-me-to-not-be-ugly.


Go ahead, revoke my DIY badge. It’s the truth.


So I’ve been stalking Craig’s List to find something that fits my criteria and that coordinates (at least with a squint) with the amazing Danish bedside tables I bagged at Urban Mining in KC. ¬†Contenders:

Option 1, lovely but pricey. Comes with a matching long dresser.

Option 2, be still my beating.loving.heart, this set has character. Bonus, costs the same at Option 1, but comes with more furniture. Do we need that full set though? Oh, oh, oh but that headboard. I’m swooning.

But oh, it doesn’t really match the Danes! And I do love the Danes …



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