duct tape plumbing

Last time I updated you on the Repairman Saga, Dear Internet, I believe it was in regards to a leaking toilet. Mr. Plumber was all, “You have to replace it, it’s going to keep losing water and I don’t know why” and I was about to cut him a check, and then I procrastinated (naturally) and after a couple of weeks kind of forgot about it and you know what wasn’t there to remind me? The sound of a leaking toilet. Add that to a water bill that has already been cut in half, and I think Mr. Plumber was trying to sell me a toilet I didn’t need. So no thank you!

Soon after that course of events, our shower began to malfunction – you’d turn on the shower-head and water would come out the main faucet and the shower-head. This too, we chose to ignore, until the problem progressed to the point where only the hot water was coming out of the faucet, and unless we wanted to go old school and take a bath, we were dealing with lukewarm showers, with no water pressure, when, you know, there’s snow on the ground.

It’s times like this that I wish we had bought a 2 Bath cottage. Take note, dear Internet.

So a new plumber comes and tears apart the shower and tells me that he does not have the necessary parts to fix it and he’ll probably have to order them off the internet, because apparently we have some freak-of-a-shower – as if showers weren’t a common thing in everyone’s home. Riddle me that. So we’re waiting and in the meantime I asked Mr. New Plumber if there was anything we could do to improve the situation while he conducts this missing-part-search considering that showers are a necessary aspect of civilized life.

Plumber: “Well, you could probably duct-tape the main faucet closed, which would, I guess, force the water back up towards the shower-head. That might work.”

Yeah, I didn’t really have a response to that either, other than thinking that that cannot be a good idea. Right?



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3 responses to “duct tape plumbing

  1. Wait, so you can’t shower? This is unacceptable. I punch Mr new plumber in the face!

  2. Oh no, we can shower. It’s just chilly and the water pressure is poor, so I don’t think we have to resort to violence quite yet. But I appreciate the support. 🙂

  3. I’m glad there is no violence. Even though that was my gut reaction. I hope you don’t have to buy a new shower.

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