It’s most definitely winter now

The worst part about being an adult is that in the winter, the sun is only out for a minute and during that minute you have to work. Le sigh. January cannot come here quick enough (honeymoooooooooooooooon whinnnnnnne).

Bright side: winter gives me a reason to dress the dog up (I’ll admit it with glee – I am one of those people, but slightly better because I insist on the clothing being functional.  It’s rain resistant and fleece lined! And its cooooooold on the prairie!)

Unrelated observance. Did I ever tell you, Internet, about Martha-to-the-Right’s birds? Every afternoon at 3 PM (on the dot) she feeds every sparrow in Illinois. She’s so reliable that most of them have moved into her bushes, choosing to live at the all-inclusive-resort that is her garden. Well news has apparently spread about the smorgsboard, but I don’t think he’s there for the birdseed …


Every morning this week this hawk has been hovering for HIS breakfast. Watch out, lil birdies!


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One response to “It’s most definitely winter now

  1. Dot

    Aww, I’ve been contemplating getting Moses a little coat like that… but something tells me that if it snows around here, I won’t be taking him on a walk because the sidewalks won’t be salted. 😦

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