ehhh addictions

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I’m trying to give up Diet Coke, mostly because it’s expensive and surely not good for me, and a little bit because it’s more romantic to order hot tea than a soft drink with lunch. I have a good week (water and juice and black tea withmilkandsuga and a bit of wine), but then I go to babysit for a friend on a late night, snowy-night, and I’m running early and decided that I want a gluten-free brownie so I stop at the Grocery Store and on impulse I buy one and ohnonono the cycle begins all again. So now I’m sitting here, trying to do real work, craving that cold, dark, caffeinated monster.

It’s for this reason alone that I’ve never tried cigarettes.


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  1. Dot

    I had gotten a little high and mighty about not drinking so much soda…I had swapped it for Diet Snapple, delish. But then this week happened, with all the working late and hating my life, and there’s Mr. Diet Dr. Pepper.

    I just can’t quit him.

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