kitchen goals

We’re expecting a very fun guest next week which gives me a reason to finish painting the kitchen instead of spending the weekend blog-readin’ and lounging around and pretending-to-do-my-Christmas-shopping-online (I’m the worst with commitment, so I always end up with a shopping cart full of gifts … and then I abandon them). After a zillion coats of Paint+Primer that still show evidence of the greenness, I broke down and bought some real “only” primer … just in time to wonder if I really like the white. It might be a busy weekend.

Good news: my kitchen artwork has arrived, just in time for me to regret not buying this:

Drywall at Etsy

Confession: I didn’t know what a narwhal was until two weeks ago, when my favorite 18-month old friend showed it to me on his vocabulary flashcards.  In case you didn’t know, that’s ironic.


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One response to “kitchen goals

  1. Alyssa

    Fun fact: your guest loves to feel useful. Save a paint brush for me.

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