newlywed diaries: we argue over who the dog loves more

Pasha rarely lets me out of her sight and spends every night draped over my legs, but she always brings toys to John … which means that somehow, without me even becoming pregnant, John became the “fun parent”. Tots unfair.


I’m pleased – more-so-than-you-can-even-imagine – to announce that our shower is functioning properly.  Final repair work commenced while the dog guarded me from the strange man in the ‘loo.



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3 responses to “newlywed diaries: we argue over who the dog loves more

  1. Dot

    I walk Moses every day. I take care of him all day long, taking him outside. I feed him all his meals. I brush him.

    But when Jake comes in from work, Moses gets SO EXCITED. He jumps up on him, spinning around, and doesn’t let up until 9 at night or so when he puts himself in his crate, exhausted from extended exposure to the fun parent.

    We don’t even fight about who the dog loves more. It’s so painfully obvious that it’s gone the other way into guilt. I say. “I do all the work, and the dog loves you more.” Jake says, “YEP.”

  2. Alyssa

    . . . yet another reason I stay a single mom. 🙂

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