three dresses I’m considering: new years resolution

Last week, a colleague of John’s stayed in our guest room, prompting me to actually shower and get dressed before 8 AM (like a real person! I take that back. Don’t judge. Perk #1 of telecommuting is sweatpants, always and forever). My husband literally did a double take in the hallway, which made me feel bad for making him love me all those days I didn’t brush my hair or change out of my pajamas until 10 PM (and then it was only into new pajamas, holla!). So, resolution for 2011? Get thyself dressed.

Here’s where the simple math becomes calculus though, folks – I still want to be comfortable, meaning I’ve been favoring leggings and a variety of knit dresses, and I’m currently trying to decide if these three would be wise additions to my collection:

But baby doll dresses always make you look prego, and horizontal stripes are never a good idea … right? But they are so pretty! Can’t decide.

Via my favorite online addiction



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3 responses to “three dresses I’m considering: new years resolution

  1. I happen to love love love the first and third ones! plus you’ll get tons of wear out them since they work in fall/spring/and winter wadrobes. and the stripes thing is totally (sometimes) a myth. Tiny stripes (like the first one) can actually make you look thinner, and the stripes in the third draw attention up to your shoulders and legs, and away from your stomach… always good!

  2. Ooooo just the encouragement I was looking for! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Dot

    I am so glad I am not the only one who changes from sweatpants into pajamas. I’ve begun to consider vacation, the time usually meant for wardrobe relaxation, as my only time to dress cute. Sigh.

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