I hope your holidays were merry!

This is me, feeding the reindeer that lives 20 minutes from my house.

My most favorite gifts are ones that make you think of other things. The husband put a jade in a ring setting I inherited from my late aunt, and my mom bought me an antique printers drawer that we’re going to have made into a coffee table, a la


or this:


Just like my grandmother did for her, years and years go. I am also fond of not-so-serious gifts, such as the 6 winning lottery tickets John and I received from my big brother, which pleased my mom whose been suggesting that I win the lottery for a few years now.



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2 responses to “I hope your holidays were merry!

  1. Dot

    Reindeer! And what great presents! Jake and I have been meaning to win the lottery for years now, too.

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