chao, 2010! and some plans for 2011

2010 was productive. Let’s reflect: I got a new job, moved to a new city, moved in with a boy, bought a house with said boy, took home a pup, battled an opossum, got promoted, did some hard math,ย grew hundreds of tomatoes, got married, lost an election, and made lots of little decisions in between. I can only hope that 2011 will be as exciting/gratifying/exhausting/amazing.

And what’s a new year without some well-intended promises? Inspired by Dot’s goals, here are my plans for the new year:

  • Travel more, see more

John and I need to get out.

  • Get connected and write more letters

Most of my friends know I am the best pen pal and the worst returner-of-phone-calls. I think this is going to be the year I embrace that.

  • Grow some more food

Tomatoes are only the beginning … can’t wait for springtime.

  • Floss every day

But this year I mean it.

  • Do something scary

Yet to be determined. Vague, but potentially impactful. Definitely not jumping out of a plane though.

  • Remain childless!

So far, so good! (Dear friends who took bets at our wedding, I’m sorry you’re going to lose all that money).



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5 responses to “chao, 2010! and some plans for 2011

  1. “remain childless” may be the weirdest new year’s resolution i have ever seen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey, you gotta have goals! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Emily Phillips

    “Remain childless”…. Love it. And the flossing one…I should definitely consider that for myself. Good luck to all of the above! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dot

    I should add “remain childless” to my official resolution list. Also, I keep slipping in and out of the flossing thing…but there’s nothing better than the superior feeling you get from flossing every day. Hah.

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