Everything will be fine.

A tornado tore through my old neighborhood yesterday, and my mom’s house sustained some (heavy? how are these things judged?) damage, including the loss of my most favorite tulip tree and my mom’s famed Amish buggy (don’t mention them to Momma J – she might cry). She’ll need a new roof and some new windows, but the blessings are that the house is intact and she and the puppies are fine.

(Across the street from my mom’s house – source)

Growing up in the midwest, you get used to tornado warnings and tornado watches and tornado sirens, but apart from one brief touchdown when I was 6, the storms seemed to steer clear of our home. It never occurred to me that our street would be on the news, and it makes me feel rather small.

Update: My mom posted pictures of the damage, if you’re like me and can’t resist a trainwreck. You should be able to see them here. Or here are a choice few:


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