did you miss me?

Forgive me, dear reader-friends: while you and all of America were freezing this week, John and I stole away to the Yucatan Peninsula to do that honeymoon thing. It was glorious.

We followed the cardinal rule of honeymooning: do nothing (other than it). Did I make you blush? Ek. Sorry mom. Vacationing is the time for blog worthy adventures and stories. Honeymoons are for other things, and I don’t write that kind of blog. So instead, a small list of semi-organized honeymoon-related thoughts:

  • I forgot to bring floss. New Year Promise Blunder.
  • I didn’t mention the honeymoon on FB or the blog prior because I feared someone would rob the house.
  • On second thought, not quite sure what anyone would steal from our house. The KitchenAid? (Thieves bake, right?)
  • I ordered a Mudslide at 10 AM. On numerous days. Followed by a Pina Colada. Followed by an Exotic Cantaloupe (that one is non alcoholic. Gotta recharge, you know).
  • I saw a lemur outside our hotel room!
  • Minimal sunburn = proud of myself and my sunscreen skills
  • I missed my dog and it made me cry, which makes me fear that once I have babies I’ll never get to vacation.
  • Pasha’s reaction when we returned made up for the 4+ inches of snow on the ground. Yay dogs!




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2 responses to “did you miss me?

  1. Dot

    Sounds blissful. Next time I go on vacation I’m going to drink more. At 10 AM.

  2. Mudslide = cocopuffs
    Pina Colada = smoothie

    Totally legit breakfast choices.

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