Mormon blogs (noun, not a verb).

After that whole matrimony business, I purged my Google Reader of my wedding blog collection and solicited requests for new reading material. A dear friend directed me to the Nie Nie Dialogues. And then I caught a Sister Wives marathon while baby-sitting, which lead me to try and read Daughter of the Saints whilst honeymooning. And all of this lead to John finding me on the LDS website the other day, giving me that “But didn’t we agree that liberal Jesus was our default faith?” confused look and all I could say was, “But this Mormon stuff is so interesting!”.

Point is, I find fault with a lot of stuff the LDS promotes (in particular, actions re: Prop 8 did not scream messianic love to me), but those blogs are so. darn. addicting. (I read them over caffeinated tea – ironic, no?). Emily Matchner at Salon hit the nail on the head – read this article.

EDIT: Add this to the collection.



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5 responses to “Mormon blogs (noun, not a verb).

  1. Dot

    I don’t read “Mormon blogs” outright–but I discovered not long ago that two of my favorite style-ish blogs are written by Mormons. Beautiful Mormons. Mormons with good taste and cute clothes and really good blog layouts. Maybe I’m missing something here.

    Did the golden goggles allow for aesthetic success I’m unaware of?

    Who knows. Let me know if you find anything on the LDS site about how-to-be-really-cute.

  2. Katie — I totally agree with you and the Salon article. I love Rockstar Diaries. Have you seen ? A little bit different than the more “typical” Mormon blogs because she’s a broadway actress but still fun.

    And for equally addicting albeit but more horrific fun you should check out this book —

    It’s a woman who was raised in the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints — I’d loosely equate this lifestyle/ideology on the level of the kids in Jesus Camp (have you seen this documentary?!)

    Haha — Who knew? I get all my ‘religiousness’ in through reading about other people. 🙂

    • I’ll definitely check that book out! Daughter of the Saints could not keep my interest – I was anticipating a memoir, and it was more historical. And thanks for the other blog recommendations! I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this obsession. 🙂

  3. This makes me lol especially after spending six months in Utah and, before that, dating a RLDS dude for three years. And I agree, it is very interesting, but I like liberal jesus more.

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